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Bio-Cancer is a Thrash metal band from Athens, Greece established in late 2010. After some line up changes,demo recordings,and live shows, the band released its debut album ”Ear Piercing Thrash” in 2012 , gaining some good recognition in the underground scene,and got included in a good amount of lists for best thrash albums of 2012 in webpages, magazines and fanzines from around the globe.

The band released their second album ”Tormenting the Innocent” (2015) on Candlelight Records and toured extensively all over Europe with Marduk in late 2015 and again with Marduk – Immolation and Origin on April-May 2016 while also participating in numerous one-off shows/festivals throughout the year.

The band has performed in over 20 countries around the world spreading its unique brand of ”Ear Piercing Thrash” as far as in Japan and China with the latter getting the ”full national tour treatment ” with 14 shows around the country in mid-2017.

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