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“We are unbreakable, we’re made of stone” 

TENSIDE – the metal quartet from Munich – will release their new album, “Convergence,” on 01/13/2017. After their well-received LP “Nova” from 2013, the band makes it clear that they have returned with the strongest album in the group’s history. 

The band enthrals audiences with their energetic performances on club and festival stages throughout Germany, including the Wacken, Summer Breeze, or With Full Force Open Air festivals. They have also toured internationally throughout Europe, Russia or China (with a triumphant finale at the Midi Open Air festival for an audience of several thousand). 

In addition, to support shows with giants like Atreyu, 36 Crazy Fists, Darkest Hour, Emil Bulls, Skindred, and Soulfly, TENSIDE also tours clubs throughout Germany on their own. “We are unbeatable when we play live,” said singer Daniel Kuhlemann, “listening to an album is one thing. But when you come to one of our concerts, then brace yourself.” 

Far from trends and hype, the band decided to take the stairs instead of riding the elevator. Growing up in DIYand underground culture, the band shed blood, sweat, and tears to establish their own sound both in the studio and on stage. 

In 2017, TENSIDE are taking things up a notch. The guys devoted a lot of time to the creative process for the new “Convergence” album, carving out and independently producing new songs. To co-produce the album, they once again called on the talents of Emil Bulls’ singer, Christoph von Freydorf, who also has a vocal feature on the new release. The new record was mixed by Christoph Wieczorek, the guitarist from Annisokay. 

“Convergence” is undoubtedly the hardest-hitting album from TENSIDE to date but still manages to be quite a bit more variable than the previous release. The new record presents a diverse mix of well-crafted songs yet still always maintains a clear direction.
The refined overall concept relies on sweeping melodies and massive riffs paired with furious shouts, singalongs, and ethereal elements. 

The lyrics focus on keeping one’s eyes on the prize, facing new challenges, and fighting oppression. Societal themes like the pressing situations of our times also find their place on “Convergence.” Numbers like “NewSlaves” or “Unbreakable” make this clear. 

As the new year begins, all signs are pointing to a coming tempest and TENSIDE will once again forge ahead without compromise. 

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